A research-based creative studio focused on editorial direction, distinct content development, and special projects.
We offer:
creative brand strategy
content development
editorial direction
copywriting & voice
archival research
select clients:
Apiece Apart, Antica Terra, Autumn Sonata, Babaa, Bunkhouse Hotels, Bumble & Bumble, Canyon Coffee, Cereal Magazine, Ceremony, COS, Cuyana, Eberjey, F. Miller Skincare, Gjelina Group, Hotel June, Le Labo, Jacobsen Salt Co., J. Hannah, Martha Stoumen Wines, ORCA Living, Proper Hotels, Rishi Tea, Sagely Naturals, Shaina Mote, SXSW, Tekuno Tea, Urban Outfitters, 3rd Ritual
Better Wonder
Scroll Subversion
More Light
States of Being
Graceful Audacity
Logical Niche
Vague Asks
Drowning in Excess
Obviously Boring
Self Serious
Algorithmic Pandering
Our ongoing project – MOON LISTS
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